Friday, November 4, 2016

A Man Named Martin

Ready for some reformation history?

Below is a link to playlist of eight videos. I am currently in the process of watching them, so if you find anything "interesting" please comment!

These videos are published by Lutheran Hour Ministries. The first five were produced in 2015, and focus on Martin Luther. The details of Luther's life including his childhood, education, decision to become a monk, protest of Catholic practices, his voluminous writings, his life in hiding, and his roles as husband and father are all considered in these videos.

The final three videos were produced in 2016, and focus on teachings of the late Medieval Church including purgatory, penance, celibacy, prayers for the dead, transubstantiation, the treasury of merits of Christ, devotion to Mary and the rosary, the institution of the papacy, and the one most often linked to the Reformation: the sale of indulgences.

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