Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fighting For The Faith

This is an example of a sermon review done on a podcast called Fighting For The Faith. I encourage you to check it out and see if it doesn't help you think about what you are listening to when you hear a sermon. When you click the link, it make take a few seconds to load since this sermon review is in the middle of a two hour podcast. Enjoy!

Hillsong's "Naked Cowboy" Twists Acts 16 - Fighting for the Faith

00:09:22 Katie Souza Thousandfold Con 00:24:33 Steve & Wendy Backlund Making Your Promise Your Identity 00:46:39 Ed Young No Word of God for Memorial Day 01:03:51 Jurgen Matthesius The Power Of A Vision Builder 01:18:27 Sermon Review: Jesus Doesn't Change by Diego Simila

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